Performance in extreme conditions requires extreme engineering. The Atomic M1 first stage utilizes Monel and Brass for factory-ready Nitrox mixtures to 50% or Oxygen mixes up to 80% when special guidelines are followed. The selection of Monel, which is widely used in marine applications, further demonstrates how adeptly Atomic chooses a material to perform a specific function requiRed by divers.

Features of All Atomic Aquatics First Stages:

  • Compact size
  • Large, balanced flow-through piston design for stable intermediate pressures and high performance at low tank pressures
  • Exclusive high-pressure piston seal system is self-lubricating for low friction and low maintenance
  • Service to 4350 psi (300 Bar) with optional DIN connection
  • Optional environmental seal kit for freeze protection at low temperatures
  • Nitrox EAN ready to 40% O2 (M1: up to 80%) from the factory with no internal modifications needed
  • CNC machined from solid bar material, the body maintains perfect alignment of the piston and seat to eliminate creeping intermediate pressure problems
  • Two high-pressure and five low-pressure ports on swivel cap (T3/B2/ST1/M1)
  • Two high-pressure and option of five low-pressure ports on swivel cap or seven low-pressure ports on fixed cap (Z2/Z2x)
  • All Atomic first and second stages are Made in USA with Limited Lifetime Warranty, and 2 year/300 dive service interval.

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