Cut the cord with the Sola Tech 600. No more bulky canisters or snagging cables; the Tech 600 is a self-contained tight-beam light with up to 13 hours of burn time. Use it as a powerful backup or compact primary on dives where a narrow beam and long life are non-negotiable. Compact, rechargeable, and powerful, Sola Tech 600 is the perfect light for a diver serious about their illumination, featuring a long-burning 600 lumen 8 degree spot beam.

  • 600 lumen spot output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Depth Rated to 100 meters
  • A powerful LED array using the best CREE LEDs and enhanced firmware.
  • ColoRed battery and mode indicator lights make it easy to manage battery life to maximize use.
  • Standard ballistic cordura hand mount allows hands-free use.
  • Goodman Handle adapter available.
  • Clip to BCD with included D-Ring kit instead of hand strap.
  • Additional mounts available, including Pistol Grip, T-Handle, and Kirby Morgan helmet mount.

  • Hand Strap, D-ring Kit, 2 Amp Charger & ZippeRed Bag

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