The SYNERGY2 TRUFIT's unique ribbed system molds to the contours of virtually all faces. Try one on, you'll feel the difference Trufit technology makes. The SYNERGY2 TRUFIT will truly make you feel one with the underwater environment.


  • New-generation Trufit technology uses two skirts for creating a comfortable, watertight seal.
  • Main skirt offers a thin and soft silicone material for the best possible fit, seal and comfort against the skin.
  • Outer skirt, made with firmer silicone, provides support and rigidity where needed.
  • Trufit technology can be identified by its unique ribbing texture.
  • Ultra-Clear glass provides a bright and Clear view of the underwater world.
  • Quick-release buckles attach to tabs on the skirt to optimize range of motion when dialing in fit.
  • Buckle tabs are flexible, enabling the mask to be folded flat for traveling.
  • A choice of Black or Clear skirts lets you match your mask to your individual diving style.
  • Mask frame is spray painted for that premium look.
  • Mirrored lens option delivers a glare-free view of the underwater world.
  • Available in 6 colour combinations.

Colours: Clear Skirt -- White/Pink, Blue/Silver, Yellow/Silver. Black Skirt -- Silver/Black, Black/Red, Black/Silver with Mirrored lens.


SCUBAPRO's revolutionary Trufit technology mask skirt design forms a watertight seal on virtually any face, allowing divers to have a secure mask without sacrificing comfort. Trufit mask skirts are designed with the highest quality silicone and are identifiable by their unique ribbing texture.

Synergy2 Trufit Technology
The newest generation of Trufit technology features two separate silicone skirts. The main inner skirt is thin and soft to provide the best possible fit, seal and comfort against the skin. The outer skirt is thicker to provide support and rigidity near the mask frame.

Synergy Trufit Technology
Second generation Trufit technology features one skirt made of two thicknesses of silicone. The silicone near the mask frame is thicker and firmer with a matte finish for additional support and rigidity. The silicone contouring the face is thinner, providing a pliable, ex- tremely comfortable watertight seal.

Spectra Trufit Technology
First generation Trufit technology features a single skirt made with uniformly thin silicone for maximum comfort and flexibility.

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